SUANFARMA is fully committed to the well-being of our employees, the quality of the services we provide to our valuable clients and our contribution to the general health of all people.

As developers, manufacturers and distributors of the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential for us to keep our day-to-day activities even during this challenging health crisis. Moreover, we have identified solutions to increase our capacities to be able to help to other companies or health agencies with additional medicine supplies if required.

We want to share with you the safety measures we have implemented at SUANFARMA in order to ensure the business continuity in these complex times:

  • Most of our office personnel is working from home. In the last few years we implemented innovative cloud-IT systems for most of our processes and related documentation, which has proven to be extremely useful in this situation to work from home, keeping constant communications between internal teams, and also with our clients, while ensuring the normal execution of the projects.
  • We have postponed all visits to our company from clients or suppliers, so we have all business travels of our employees.
  • We have defined the minimum safe staff on-site to keep our day-to-day activities, and special measures have been taken, such as:
    • All company staff has been informed and trained about additional special hygiene procedures and the usage of personal protective equipment (gloves and face masks), which is compulsory for all development, production and analytical testing areas until further notice.
    • Also, special measures have been defined in order to guarantee the correct distance between employees in the workplace and in common areas. In general, social distance is encouraged.
    • We take temperature readings of all personnel before they start their working day. We have established a safety protocol to follow in case any member of our staff shows symptoms that might be related to COVID-19, confining them in a special area and contacting the local health authorities to follow their recommendations.

Our management team is carefully following all information and guidance from the local and national authorities, and daily communications are sent to our staff to keep them informed about the prevention measures and any other relevant information.

We thank our employees for their dedication and responsibility in the implementation of all precautionary measures at SUANFARMA and at home that allow us to contribute to the solution of this unfortunate global crisis. We also thank our clients, suppliers and partners for their continued support, and we specially want to thank the doctors, nurses and all health professionals for their invaluable work in these difficult circumstances.

We are all in this together, and together we will prevail.


The management team